• The Place at Tokeh Beach is 18 miles south of central Freetown, situated next to the fishing village of Tokeh.
  • This part of Sierra Leone is known as the Western Area peninsula. The Western Area's jewel is its collection of beautiful sandy beaches, stretching from Lumley Beach, in Freetown, to Mama Beach, towards the southern point of the peninsula.
  • Tokeh is about half-way down this coast on a pretty white sand beach.  It's westerly outlook means that the sun sets over the sea every evening. 


Getting here

  • From abroad. Air France, SN Brussels, Kenya Airways and Royal Air Maroc provide the main international services to Sierra Leone.  If you're arriving by air, we can arrange a pick up from Lungi International Airport in one of our vehicles for an extra charge.
  • There are good roads all the way and the journey time is between 2 and a half, and 3 hours, depending on traffic and the time of day.  Please contact us for pick up options.  The cost depends on your dates and the number of guests.
  • An entry visa is needed for most passport holders entering Sierra Leone. In some cases, we can arrange these for visitors.  For more information, contact the nearest Sierra Leone embassy, consulate or high commission in your country.
  • You will need a Yellow Fever certificate to enter the country, and it is advised you visit your local GP to get anti-malarial medication and any necessary inoculations before you come.


Water Supply & Sanitation

  • The Place at Tokeh Beach works closely with the local community to provide access to clean drinking water.
  • Every year Tokeh village would suffer during the peak of the dry season, as the water supply would decrease due to high temperatures and increased use.
  • With the support of The Place at Tokeh Beach Water & Sanitation team plus the development of the nearby dam, there is now a direct pipeline to outlets across the village, which provides treated, safe drinking water at all stand-pipes.


  • The Place at Tokeh Beach recognises the importance of education and made sure this was a key part of developing a strong relationship with the local community.
  • During construction of the resort in 2013, The Place helped build Tokeh Secondary School located just off the main peninsular high way.
  • Over the years we have continued to provide equipment such as tables, chairs, workbooks and stationary to help improve the standard of teaching.
  • In collaboration with the village chief and school staff, The Place at Tokeh Beach is planning on offering enough books to create a library for all nearby residents.


  • The majority of our staff at The Place at Tokeh Beach are recruited from Tokeh village as we feel it is essential in enhancing our connection to the community.
  • The Place at Tokeh Beach arranges regular training sessions for all of our staff, helping them to learn new skills and reach their potential.
  • We have also recently started an internship scheme, whereby graduates from nearing towns are able to take part in a short-term placement to learn about different roles within the hotel industry.
  • The Place at Tokeh Beach encourages our staff to express their ideas and appreciate their input as to how we can be the best resort in Sierra Leone.

About Sierra Leone

  • Sierra Leone has seen a heartening recovery since emerging from a civil war a decade ago, and is making a determined push towards eco-tourism.
  • It inspires many feelings in those who visit: wonder at its natural beauty and extraordinary wildlife, heartache for its past suffering, and joy in its enduring spirit and sense of fun.
  • Take a trip to Sierra Leone’s infamous diamond mines and rainforest-covered mountains; go in search of the elusive pygmy hippo; or simply relax on the country’s beaches and islands. - Bradt Guide


Boat Trips

  • Fishing Trip (4-5 hours)
  • Le 400,000 cost (local boat)
  • + Le 75,000 per person (Activities) – including 2 small bottles of water


  • Beach Hopping
  • Le 300,000 cost (local boat)
  • Le 50,000 per person (Activities)


  • Banana Island
  • Le 600,000 (local boat)
  • + Le 50,000 per person


  • Hiking – complimentary
  • Running – complimentary
  • Football – complimentary
  • Volleyball – complimentary